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I want to give you a warm welcome to Central Europe Hetalia!

I would love to state some rules and later give you a link to look at them!  

Now I will answer all questions (or at least most of them!)

1.  Why is it called “Central Europe Hetalia”?-Because most of the countries in this particular group that are being honored are Central Europe of course!  

2.  Who can join?  -Anyone!

3. How many drawings am I allowed to submit?-As many as you want, for now!

4. Are any other countries allowed in the submissions?-Of course they are, but they have to be in group photos with at least one of seven represented characters!

5. Who are the represented characters in this group? -Germany, Prussia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Baltics and Italy.

6.  Why is Italy in this group?  He's supposed to be a Mediterranean country!- Cause it’s my group and I felt badly not letting him in!  (He’s so annoyingly adorable!  How can you blame me?)

7.  Do the Baltics get their folder each?-No, they all go in the same folder!

8.  Why are there Eastern European countries in this folder when it clearly states that its Central Europe?-Because I made an error and tried to get it fixed, but until I learn how to get it fixed it’s going to have to be called Central Europe for now.   

What you can do!

-Submit OCs (as long as they are with one of the seven characters listed above and with other Hetalia characters!)  Like for instance, you can submit your OC with Prussia, or you can submit your OC with Prussia and Belarus.  

-Submit Cosplays!

-Submit fanfictions!

-Submit comics (with mainly one of seven characters above!)  It can also have OCs and other Hetalias in it of course.

-Submit Gender Benders (as long as they are one of the seven characters above!)

-Submit Nekotalias (mainly of one of seven characters above!)

-Submit those joke captions with one of seven characters above.  Other Hetalia characters are welcomed just as long as it has one of seven characters above!

What you are not allowed to do:

-Don’t submit OCs in the name of the represented character folder, unless they are with one of the seven honored characters in this group!  

-If you submit a photo of Russia in this group for instance, you will find it very disappointing that I would not put it in any of the galleries!  However you can submit a drawing of Russia with Germany, or a drawing of Germany with Japan, or a drawing of Germany with both Japan and Russia!

-Don’t bash people!  We are here to learn and grow as human beings, and in doing so, will be warnings and then expulsion from the group!

-Don’t use racist slurs, gender or sexual orientation slurs, other slurs or anything that is offensive!
-No stealing other people’s works, submit your own work!  If you are caught submitting other people's works, you could be asked to leave!

Those are all I can think about for now!

To see updates, I suggest coming back from time to time to look at the comment box for this "Welcome" journal entry!  

I do not intend to make anyone's life a living heck with the updates, but just check the comment box for the Welcome journal entry!  I will be posting the updates for the comments.  

Any other suggestions send messages to the group.  Thank you!
mamc1986 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
Hey everyone!

I decided to put a new folder in called “Pets” what can go into this folder are animals like Germany’s dog, Prussia’s bird, and maybe even OCs’ pets!

The cats however go to their Nekotalias folder since they are a totally different theme all together.
mamc1986 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012

I have a few folders for Liechtenstein and her brother Switzerland!

I have a stamp folder!

OC folder! Read the rules in it!
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Submitted on
August 16, 2012